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Vitor's Hotels & Apartments’s What to do in the Algarve in Portugal

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What to do in Algarve

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You will not be short of things to do in the Algarve, especially when you stay at Vitor’s Hotels & Apartments. The sunshine of southern Portugal certainly takes center stage, but there is so much more to enjoy at the Algarve. From spectacular beaches, pristine golf courses, vibrant villages and so much more, your next holiday to the Algarve is sure to be unforgettable:

 Vitor's Hotels & Apartments Vitor's Hotels & Apartments

Algarve, Portugal

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    ☼ Beaches
    ☼ Golf Courses
    ☼ Algarve Race Track
    ☼ Aquaparks
    ☼ Zoomarine
    ☼ Diving / Underwater Museum
    ☼ Extreme Sports
    ☼ Jeep Safari
    ☼ Water Sports
    ☼ Lagos Zoo
    ☼ Skydiving
    ☼ Museums
    ☼ Boat Trip
    ☼ Race Track & Karting
    ☼ Excursions
    ☼ Aerodrome
    ☼ Bird Watching


    ☼ Typical Algarvian sweet
    ☼ Music festivals
    ☼ Gastronomy Festivals
    ☼ Small typical fishing villages
    ☼ Monchique mountains and Caldas de Monchique
    ☼ The Algarve countryside and Barrocal
    ☼ The Via Algarviana - trekking route that crosses the Algarve from Alcoutim to the cape of São Vicente
    ☼ Sagres and Cape St. Vincent – the Europe’s south westernmost point
    ☼ Gastronomy of the Algarve (very freshest fish and seafood come from the sea)

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